Happy 50th Earth Day, 4/22/2020

April 22, 2020

Such a pretty date, seeing all those "twos" lined up!


Seriously, though, I want to take a moment to thank all my loyal readers for staying with me here. I know it's been a while since I've posted; as we are all aware, 2020 has been tough, what with the 4th year of PPPOTUS's reign of error, and on top of *that,* this nightmare horror story we're living through, straight out of a Steven King/Quentin Tarantino epic.


That first paragraph was a joke, of course; I am prone to cynical humor. 


But cynicism aside, and aside from the fact that media -- *all* media -- trades in scaring the bejeezus out of folks, there are some chinks of light coming through: and the light I see is that 


1. the price of oil is in the negatives! There is no crystal ball stating *exactly* what this will mean for the future, but my enduring hope is that this might be the push homo "sapiens" needs to right the wrongs of using fossil fuels for transportation, and re-tool the world for green energy.

2. people are showing their hearts. I couldn't watch this "Together At Home" event on YouTube Saturday night (4/18) without crying my heart out; still, I have subscribed to the channel to remind myself of the love that's still out there, despite Cheetohead's insistence to the contrary.


I cannot in good conscience post this without a shout-out to Karma Yoga Omaha, the studio I am affiliated with/taught at until COVID-19/social distancing took over. Please check out their schedule for online Zoom class offerings, as well as their YouTube channel for classes you can try on your own schedule. I promise you, you will be restored and feel flexible enough to *deal.*


We have a long road ahead of us; keep the lights on, loves. This, too, shall pass. Maybe like a kidney stone, but it'll pass.




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April 22, 2020

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