"Too late to leave."

January 10, 2020

You can read for yourself the Washington Post's reporting on the Australian megafire, as of this date, 1.10.2020, now approaching the size of Delaware.


But when you read of such man-made disaster, do you, too, like our governments appear to be, hide your head in the sand, thinking "this won't happen to ME; I live safely in [the Midwest] [mid-Atlantic states] [your position here]"? 


Or does it spur you to action? PLEASE, please do NOT wait, but call your governmental representatives and let them know of your concerns for yours and your children's future.


Before it's too late for YOU, where YOU live: Join the pro-science resistance (314action.org). Join Greenpeace. Join the Rainforest Action Network. Join the Sierra Club; support a Green New Deal. DO SOMETHING. Please?


Your Mama Gaia thanks you.

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