Keeping a balanced view: The Amazon rainforest fires, and The BBC

November 1, 2019

To be quite honest, I see lots of headlines and emails declaring hand-wringing devastation over Mother Earth's lungs being set on fire, not to mention other events chronicled on this site, that make me feel despair, and frankly, also make me feel sometimes like there's no point to this site.


Mid-October, however, shared this article with statistics showing that fires in the Amazon can and do happen naturally, and that Brazil's President Bolsonaro actually sent out his army to the Amazon in August 2019 to put out fires, upholding a ban. Trust me, I am no apologist for a president who, emboldened by the USA's 45th, takes a definitive stand against environmental protections in most cases, but I do believe it's important to be balanced, and that's why I admire the BBC so.


The Environmental Defense Fund publishes a quarterly newsletter you can read here, documenting its efforts to protect the environment as well; I encourage you to give them your support. They are non-partisan, but rely on science to illuminate actions to take. (What a concept.)



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