The revolution is here?

October 23, 2019

I talk a lot on this site about recycling resources, and a few good souls' efforts to clean up the gigantic messes we've made on Mother Earth.


Here, however, is where push comes to shove: the main driver of life, it would seem; what makes the world go 'round: BUCKS. Where it all starts... with the foundation of the fossil fuel industry, and breaking. it. up.


From yesterday's article in The New York Times

"The lawsuit [against Exxon-Mobil] was filed last year by the New York Attorney General’s office and claims that the oil industry giant engaged in a yearslong [sic] 'fraudulent scheme' that 'in effect erected a Potemkin village to create the illusion that it had fully considered the risks of future climate change regulation and had factored those risks into its business operations.' The deception 'exposed the company to greater risk from climate change regulation than investors were led to believe,' according to the lawsuit."


This. Is. Huge, people. The article goes on to mention the rest of the fossil fuel industries' pending lawsuits that will bring it to account, and make it pay. Maybe this will all even happen in time to correct the damages we've wrought... stay tuned.

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