"The world doesn't need saving."

September 19, 2019

I met a smart Canadian businessman at a free music night (there are a lot of those here, in the summertime) in Omaha, who told me this.


I couldn't believe my ears, because I knew him to be kind -- or at least calculating, anyway; he took me on his sailboat and we got to know each other. He has children who will no doubt want to have children; surely he doesn't want them to inherit a disaster.


I don't -- cannot -- will not -- understand self-serving individuals in power who refuse to see what's coming, not just by word of opinion but in pure scientific facts.


And the self-destruction we are bringing on ourselves isn't decades away; we are already having to research ways to mitigate and adapt to this brave new climate world we've wrought.


Check out Jacobabad, Pakistan's weather forecast for the next 10 days or so if you want to see what we are doing to ourselves.



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