Climate Strike 2019

September 19, 2019

It’s depressing to think that the 10 Democratic candidates for president in the USA’s 2020 election couldn’t come up with worthwhile discussion around climate change for longer than 7 minutes last week.


What’s giving me great hopes for our future is Ms Greta Thunberg, who led a protest in Washington DC last Friday 9/13, with a great many supporters behind her, to let this corrupt administration know that we are not by any means done with the climate change discussion and in fact are just getting started.


This call, in this post, for you now, dear reader, is not just to take hope in this but to join in just a couple days from now, when all across the country and, indeed, globally, people will speak out for renewed attention to the existential crisis we face.


If for for some reason you are unable to join in the strike on Friday 9/20/2019 in person, please think about downloading the Five Calls app in your favorite App Store, so you too can add your voice to the mix.


Sail on, dear Ms Greta!

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