Are your butts in order?

July 25, 2019


In an attempt to get back to light-heartedness, I have to ask you: are your butts in order? Yes, that's right, your BUTTS.


Cigarette butts, that is. Those omnipresent little pieces of plastic literally at every step you take on this planet, it would seem.


As it turn out, the majority of people want to continue to toss them on the ground, with no thought of the damage they do to Mother Earth. (The damage their attendant product does to one's lungs is a subject for a different blog.) I myself personally want to punch drivers I see ahead of me in the street in the eye when I see them toss their butts out the window -- again, though, I digress.


Here's what I want to tell the conscientious lot of you that wonders whether you really have to save up those nasty butts in one of those egregious butt containers for the car cupholder, or tucked in the cellophane of your cigarette pack until you find a trash can: YES! you do! but the kicker is, will make wonderful products out of them! Check out their site, and get over the horror of having a pile of butts around until you fill the TerraCycle box: think, instead, of how your Mama thanks you for caring for her.

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