Mascara wearers only (you know who you are)

July 23, 2019

This post carries on this week's theme of lightness -- not in the literal sense, of course. How brutal would that be? No, today I want to focus on a *very* specific item to recycle: used mascara wands! Not to trouble you, of course, with yet *another* to-do item to add to your no-doubt huge list of things to recycle... but the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge is accepting mascara wands, of all things! Because their volunteers can use them to gently clean wildlife brought in to their sanctuary and screen for injuries with the wands' tiny soft brushes.


So, you know, if you have piles of mascara wands you need to get rid of, here's where to send 'em! As it turns out, they are only accepting them in October in February because of the overwhelming response -- but, well, how cool is that?


And anyway, really, they could use donations/supplies even more. So let your heart move you as it will...

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