"The resistance is in your backyard."

July 18, 2019

Pretty sure I've mentioned the Natural Resources Defense Council on these pages before: but here's why I want to mention them again.


If you are concerned about Mother Earth's future, like me, but thinking there's so much to worry about, where do we start? -- here's the place: in the courts. And on a local, national, and world-wide basis, the NRDC has consistently shown it's willing to do battle to protect the planet.


Now, you may also feel, like me, that throwing your money at organizations that pitch at you constantly is fatiguing and possibly even a waste of time, but check out the work they've done and see if you can't stand behind them.


And who knows, maybe you'd even find a job with them? If that thought is a tad too radical, though, there are other personal actions you can take, like calling your representatives in Congress to let them know you're concerned (AND you VOTE!), saving energy at home, and boycotting big polluters. Remember: baby steps...



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