Some good news, for once...

July 15, 2019

Is that a major airline, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to be exact, is encouraging its customers to consider the impact on the environment of their air travel needs, and to think about alternatives where possible.


As noted in the Bloomberg article on the subject, we need to be making these kinds of mindful decisions if we want to keep living happily and healthfully on the planet. Just sayin.


Bravo, KLM, for taking this revolutionary step -- with all possibilities of losing business -- through it -- and recognizing that unrestrained air travel is irresponsible and harmful to the planet via the carbon pollution it emits.


We could also take a related look at our other modes of travel; for instance, auto transportation has been shown to produce almost 15 times the transportation-related emissions that air travel does. Maybe pull out your bicycle once in a while?



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