April 16, 2019

I earn my keep by practicing project management for the financial industry -- ironic, I know, since I am the world's worst money manager -- but I don't get into the $ end of it, only the IT piece: so sue me.


YOU are a project manager too, any time you have a relatively complex task to accomplish (that is, with more than a few steps). SO: in the interest of posting something refreshing instead of my somewhat usually bleak posts, I've decided today to take it to another level:


How about applying this PM principle to *your* life, to make this world more environmentally friendly? Namely, come up with some SMART goals:

S: specific

M: measurable

A: achievable/attainable

R: relevant/realistic/results-based

T: time-bound

You get the idea. No, you and I individually cannot clean up this mess we've made all by ourselves, and yes, the task is daunting.


BUT you can speak up for Mother Earth (see how I got *my* mission in there? :) ) by checking out organizations like

The Foundation for Climate Restoration, and others  who are not just talking the talk but are walking the walk towards a more sustainable way of life. MOST IMPORTANT: VOTE for those, locally and nationally, who CARE for Mama Gaia.

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