I want to be Ms Thunberg when I grow up...

March 20, 2019

Embarrassingly, when I posted about the kids' climate change strike on Friday, I neglected to mention a major driver in the event: Ms Greta Thunberg, a Swiss citizen and teen climate activist, who has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts to combat climate change.


Her passion and commitment are evident, and I certainly hope she wins. And, further, Ms Thunberg, I apologize on behalf of all the fools in my generation who let this world come to this situation to begin with.


I have no excuse, except that I was raised in "The Truth" -- the toxic spew that Jehovah's witnesses believe, which allows them to sit in purity above all, thumping their personal translations of Scripture and waiting for Armageddon to cleanse the earth... which clearly is NOT going to happen.


I so DID want to believe in this magical God's kingdom they preach. And I fervently did, for approximately 53 years of my life. 


If ONLY I had had the passion and commitment to see the REAL truth: that change must be in our hands.... and Ms Thunberg has taken it all on. I know your parents must be proud of you, my dear Greta... Whatever I can do -- even if it's only pick up trash WHENEVER, and never use a dryer, and keep up this blog -- I will continue to be right behind you.


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