Eco-Anxiety: it's a thing.

March 19, 2019

I don't hide the fact that I live in Nebraska. I like it here; my family will never find me here. Except the ones I want to... And, since moving here about nine years ago, give or take, I've felt pretty smug as I'm sure a lot of my fellow fly-over staters have, regarding all the horrible climate change news from the coasts.


Well, folks, there's trouble right here in River City... Even the coastal news outlets (NY Times; SF Chronicle) are picking up on the bomb-cyclone horror stories that happened here last Wednesday/Thursday, starting in Colorado and wending their way through our fair state. (In case you are a weather nerd, here’s a link to a story that gives all the details on the how, where, and why.) 


This devastation to ranchers and farmers in the Heartland of this beautiful country is no small thing, to be sure; yet it’s not just happening here.


CNN is reporting that the cyclone Idai that hit Mozambique just days  ago is probably the worst to have hit Africa EVER.


None of this is easy to deal with, much less show to our children and grandchildren, that we are leaving for them. "Here's our mess; now YOU clean it up." Any responsible parent or landlord would kick a grown-ass child or tenant out that left its room or rental space the way we've left Mother Earth.


And yet... and yet. Let's try to be the change we wish to see in the world, please? The April 2019 issue of Oprah magazine has some wonderful ideas on how recycling can fit into your life if you just let it. Let's all change our mind-sets now, from scarcity to abundance not just for us, but for Mother Earth who nurtures and feeds us.

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