"But what can *I* do?"

February 13, 2019

At this point, you may be thinking: this is just overwhelming. There are so many tons of plastic and trash being produced every day by this consumer-based global economy that you may think Mother Earth will never be able to recover. You may think that there are too many people for us to continue this way, and you may feel that there is no end in sight...


I know for sure that that's how I feel sometimes. But truly, even the little things make a difference.


Be an example for others, for one thing, by:

  • Not using styrofoam cups or containers wherever possible (did you know that the styrene used to make them can contribute to cancer?)

  • Picking up trash around you as you walk (believe me, you won't even have to take a plastic bag with you; you will soon find one on the ground or floating by in the air you can grab to pick up the trash with)

  • Calling out those you see dropping litter on the ground (cigarette smokers, I'm looking at YOU)

  • write letters to the editor of your local paper (if you still have one!) regarding a carbon tax (its time has come!)

This last effort is particularly important because it will bring to others' consciousness the awareness they may not have had. You can join up with like-minded folks (just do a search for "Green New Deal" in your favorite search engine; I recommend DuckDuckGo, for privacy's sake), and really make an impact that way.


There are lots of organizations who want to take your money and pretend to be helping the earth recover from our assault on it. Do some research, and you will find the one(s) that suit your particular interests and use your hard-earned money wisely.


Mother Earth will love you back in ways you don't even know.... 

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