Here. Now.

May 3, 2018

As I mentioned in my last post, it's been hard to write anything here because seeing Mother Earth in distress so much -- it's distressing. (duh.)


I correspond with a friend who opened my eyes to the existence of Guy McPherson, a climate scientist who is convinced we're doomed. Which, frankly, if you have noticed my posts, is kind of how I feel about the way we treat this planet, and seeing how little 'sapiens' we 'homo's have.


However, the next link down in Google after the link provided above, to Guy McPherson's blog, is Fractal Planet's blog post on How Guy McPherson gets it wrong. Get ready for a long but enlightening, well-worth-the-time read.


I'll say what another manager where I work says: Hope is not a strategy. Get active; get busy; get involved with innovative ways to save the planet. (Like, try stopping your use, or at least minimizing your use, of plastic? hmmm?)


But also, yes. Take hope. Here. Now.
















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