Water in crisis.

October 10, 2017

You know that you can go about 21 days without food, right? and about 3 days without water, right? and that the human body is approximately 60% water, right?


So water is pretty critical, even though a great deal of the population prefers other liquids besides water to satisfy their thirst. Yet about a billion people on this planet do not have access to safe drinking water...


But here's some good news: India is building drought resilience in stricken regions, as the Nature Conservancy reports:


...consecutive years of droughts have led to repeated crop failure and economic losses for farmers. Traditionally, the communities here created small dams and tanks to store water during the dry season, but years of neglect have led to silt accumulation and reduced their water storage capacity. The impact of the 2015 droughts jolted the farmer communities and NGO’s into action.


They launched a pilot project, funded by a local philanthropist, to desilt a few dams to increase their water storage capacity. The projects’ success and the group’s lobbying efforts prompted the State Government to introduce a new policy called Gaal Yukt Shivar, which aims to desilt over 30,000 small dams and reservoirs over a four-year period.



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