Give Keystone XL the Boot! Rally in Lincoln

August 15, 2017

 Angelina and Anna.



I'm gonna start by apologizing/not apologizing for this post being over a week late, given that it's my birth month and all :) Celebrate your life all month, people! Heck, celebrate your whole life!


That being said I have to share these photos from my 8/16/2017 experience, that all started with my NE Sierra Club membership email inviting me to the rally.


I have a love-hate relationship with the Sierra Club. I'm not so sure that they're doing all they can -- but I need to save that whole rant for another post.


Suffice it to say, you can see from these photos that a LOT of people showed up. And while some seem to think that KXL protests will never make a difference, and that they're all for show, the crowd demonstrated, each and every one of the attendees, that we will NOT BACK DOWN from the effort to kill the Black Snake. MNI WICONI. 









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