In spite of ourselves,

June 21, 2017


we'll wind up sittin on a rainbow... Some of my favorite John Prine lyrics.


And yes, in spite of our wasteful, polluting ways, we may have Mother Nature to thank for doing our clean-up work. (NOT to say that we don't have to do a lot of the work ourselves, MIND YOU. What rental owner wants to keep tenants that keep their property filthy? Mother Nature will likely one day kick. us. off. the. planet.)


But I digress...


Exhibit 1: The roly poly beetle. Pill bug. Or,  technically speaking, since they're not really bugs at all, woodlice. This article I've linked to discusses how they have been shown to help with removing heavy metals from soil. (Of course, the "study" resource isn't quoted, but does have a Facebook presence. So there's that.


The only question is, how long before Monsanto kills them all off?



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