How climate change is affecting your health.

June 9, 2017


The Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health has issued a report that brings it on home: You don't even know (yet) how your health is being affected by the harm we are bringing to Mother Earth via our neglect and carelessness.


Here's the full report on what physicians in medical societies that represent over half of US doctors see as a concern about the health consequences of climate change. You can follow them on Twitter -- @docsforclimate.


AND, if you are a doctor, or know any doctors, who are willing to become champions for climate and health in their local communities, you can sign up -- or send this link to these good folks -- here.


One better: Set. An. Example. Consider how:

  • your transportation makes a difference

  • clean energy means cleaner air

  • your diet makes a difference

  • your personal choices affect Mother Earth

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