June 2, 2017

So: adverb

1. to such a great extent: "the words tumbled out so fast I could barely hear them"

2. to the same extent: "he isn't so bad as you think"


1. and for this reason; therefore: "it was still painful, so I went to see the dentist"

2. with the aim that; in order that: "they whisper to each other so that no one else can hear"

informal: used with the word 'not' or in a generally negative statement to emphasize an adjective, noun phrase, or clause: "That is so not funny!"


Have you noticed lately that when being asked a question, people start their answer with "So, blah blah blah"?


I wonder at it; the usages I listed above don't mention the part where "so" is used in story-telling.


It's my personal opinion that people these days are trying to tell their story. Or something. Or is it that they are just giving themselves time, sort of like the word whisker "um," but trying to sound more literate?


So, anyway, 45 pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord...

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