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May 16, 2017

 Illustration by La Tigre, courtesy NY Times


My father established a precedent for me that I can't escape: reading The New York Times on Sunday mornings. It's a respite into intellectual recreation for me, a journey down pathways I never would have otherwise taken. I love the tactile sensibilities of reading, placing my gaze on a piece of writing that absolutely consumes me, while I turn from page to page. I like to fancy that it keeps my mind nimble.


The April 23, 2017 NY Times magazine had an engrossing article about a nimbleness I had never contemplated before: how climate change affects (notice I said "affects," not "impacts"? Another old school trait I cannot shake) populations.


If you are a North American, as I am, you are possibly exempt (so far, anyway) from feeling climate change too closely. But really, you should check this map out. It's disturbing to see, though, that Gallup, your fave pollsters, have taken a World Poll. From the article: "In a 2010 Gallup World Poll, though, about 12 percent of respondents — representing a total of 500 million adults — said severe environmental problems would require them to move within the next five years."

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