Neil DeGrasse Tyson in Omaha, Monday, 5/15!

May 12, 2017

You know, Omaha is a little town with a big town mindset. You can tell by the folks they attract.


One such STAR (ha! pun intended!) in the scientific field, who will be here (come on folks, you know who I'm talking to!) on Monday, 5/15/2017, at the Holland Performing Arts Center, has it all over anyone who dares to challenge the scientific facts (note! NOT 'alternative' such) regarding climate change.


As quoted in the Omaha World Herald


“It’s not a debate,” he said. “Period. Move on. That’s not an opinion. Science is a matter of emergent consensus, and the consensus of observation and measurement is that humans are warming the planet, and that has consequences.”


And yet, even so -- with >90% of scientists agreeing that humans are affecting the planet's climate with their activity, comments show there is still dissent. Mind. fucking. boggling.


If you are *in* Omaha, and have a minimum of $65 to blow, check him out!

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