The "where does food come from?" epiphany

May 2, 2017

photo: Mari Keating 


I grew up in the suburbs of New York City -- until I was about 12, anyway -- and it wasn't even a thought in my mind where food came from. I guess I didn't go grocery shopping with my single mother; she must've brought groceries home with her after work or something. Anyway I don't remember going grocery shopping until I was living with my older sister in Maryland, about the age of 13 or so -- and looking at packages of styrofoamed-, plastic-wrapped meat in the cases there, and it hit me.


Of course, it also helped that I was somewhat aware of butchers, and what they did -- but it just didn't occur to me *where* or *how* all that STUFF that we ate came from.


I remember definitely asking my mother about how "cows" became "beef" -- and the operations used. "They stun the cows between their eyes," she told me, "and that puts the cows out, and then they slit their throats."


Or words to that effect. In my naivete I wanted to believe it was all done so humanely...


I have, and will continue to post, both here and FB, about the tortures and horrors living sentient beings are put through before they die to become our beef, pork, or poultry -- all words used to sanitize the dastardly process -- but this post in particular I want to be about food, in general, and how we need to RETHINK how we get food.


To that end, I want to introduce you to this website:



Such a simple concept. Won't you think about it? And don't tell me, "that's too hard. I live in an apartment." Sure, you may not be able to grow *all* your food on your balcony, but, baby steps.

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