How do they do it?

April 28, 2017


Environmental scientists have been having a field day (ha! pun intended) since the Marches on Science have been occurring/scheduled lately, no doubt. And I'm happy to see them (the environmental scientists, not the marches) being perceived, not as in ivory towers, but as real people, just like you and me, only perhaps a tad more bookish?


In any case, I personally have wondered, being as close as they are to the subject of climate change, how these guys get up every day. I mean, really, if you know that we are tanking the Earth with a certain 45-who-will-not-be-named-on-this-blog-in-charge, what's the point?


Well, let me introduce you to Dr Paul Johnston*, who gets up every morning, goes to work, and does his environmental scientist gig. "How fucked are we, really?" is the subtitle of this article -- my question, EXACTLY -- and I think you'll find the piece fascinating.


*by way of

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