April 22, 2017

So admittedly, there's so much to do, so little time... You have a lot of chores, you work full time, you want to just chill. I get it. I know.


And all of the environmental challenges before us make it seem like too much, too overwhelming. What can one person do?


Whatever you do is the right thing to do, to help clean up the planet. If you can just pick up the trash at your feet, that's an excellent start. (When's the last time you walked anywhere and you didn't see at least a cigarette butt on the ground? Where do you think all that stuff ends up, hmmm? Yes. In the ocean. But I digress.)


Baby steps, people, baby steps. And once you're past the baby steps, take the next step: Help out by volunteering for a worthy organization that is SERIOUS about cleaning up Mother Earth, not just shilling goods and talking a good game.


For instance, you could start right here, with Food and Water Watch. From factory farming to fracking, they are IN IT. TO WIN IT. Won't you help your mama?

 Photo courtesy of foodandwaterwatch.org


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