Love of the almighty dollar

April 20, 2017

ruins so many MANY things... Our health, relationships, nations... looks like it's trying to ruin the world... but here's where those who pay the most attention to it might have to stop and look around just a little bit, viz-a-viz the beekeepers in Canada who are saying ENOUGH to the makers of popular crop pesticides.


Doesn't it concern you just the tiniest little bit that bees, who pollinate a VERY large portion of a lot of the food you like to eat (so don't shoot me: I have heard the numbers, but not recently) are dying off in incredible numbers?


The first time I heard about Colony Collapse Disorder and its supposed 'unknown' etymology was about 10-15 years ago. The phenomenon continues, and now CBS News is reporting that Sun Parlor and Munro Honey, honey distributors isn Canada, have had it, and going for Bayer and Syngenta to the tune of $400M US.


If only we would learn. When will the destruction ever be enough? Please, educate yourself and your family. Arm yourself with knowledge -- and then use it. Stand up for Mother Earth. Spread the word and do whatever you can to help her heal, won't you? 

Studies have shown that bees exposed to neonicotinoid pesticides have smaller colonies, fail to return to their hives, and may have trouble navigating. (Emily Chung/CBC)


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