So many cool things to do, so little time: Nature Connects!

April 19, 2017

Right here in Omaha, we have the fabulous Lauritzen Gardens: "Omaha's Botanical Center." Their motto is, Escape to an urban oasis," and it's the truth. They are located in South Omaha, which I have learned is pretty much where Omaha got started as a town, and they are right off I-80 at Exit 13.


I just became a member in January, visiting their poinsettia exhibit with some local friends (shout-out to Khristine and Gina!), and enjoying the light snow, the tiny trains, and the miniature buildings laid out there.


With membership to so many organizations, of course, comes a newsletter or journal, and so today I received their "Seasons of Growth" newsletter. I remembered having seen Legos in the gift shop in January but little did I know, they have a Nature Connects exhibit. From their website:


"Everything in nature is connected… Just as LEGO® bricks connect together to create something fun, colorful and intricate, so too is nature. All living things on Earth are interconnected to create a complex and amazing network with each piece relying on the others to which it is connected.


"Through the exhibit and its accompanying interpretive messaging, visitors will learn how ecosystems rely on diversity to survive and thrive, how healthy and balanced populations are maintained, about the connection between plants and pollinators, how human activity has a deep-rooted and often permanent impact on our planet, and many other messages."If you're in Omaha, through May 15, 2017, I will be happy to escort you to see the wonderful Sean Kenney's creations.


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