This has got to stop.

April 18, 2017

The House of Representatives of the U.S. sold us out in January 2017, people, with the passage of the REINS Act. Never heard of it? There's a good reason why. Your Representatives, that you voted for, have one purpose as they serve President Bannon's agenda: and that is to deconstruct government. And, in the process, yours and your children's and your children's children's health and well-being.


In this case, as noted by The Huffington Post's Carl Pope, "the REINS Act, requires that any future major regulation adopted by an Executive Agency — say a new toxic chemical standard required by the recently enacted Chemical Safety Act, or a new consumer protection rule about some innovative but untested kind of food additive — must be approved by a specific resolution in each House of Congress within 70 days to take effect." For some context, Mr Pope notes that "in 2015 there were 43 such major federal regulations passed to protect the public; among them were food safety regulations, the Clean Power Plan regulating pollution from electrical generating facilities, net neutrality rules protecting the internet from monopoly, restrictions on predatory lending and energy efficiency standards for appliances."


Apparently, the Senate has previously blocked the bill, but for sure, you can bet: if the Heritage Foundation is for it, you should make sure your Senator knows *you* want it to continue to be blocked.

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