Mother Earth's lungs

April 13, 2017

This gorgeous NASA video shows Mother Earth literally breathing as the seasons change. In it, you see the greenery coming alive -- releasing oxygen, absorbing carbon dioxide. (Here's the science behind it, courtesy of, if you would like to get the details and a cute little graphic showing how it works.)


I would be remiss, posting this video, if I did not mention the Leuser ecosystem. From their website: "The Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia is a world-class wonderland covering over 6.5 million acres of intact rainforest. It is a hotspot for biological diversity, a carbon storage powerhouse and the source of drinking water and agricultural livelihood for millions.Yet this amazing place remains largely unknown to the world, a vulnerability it can no longer afford."I HIGHLY recommend you give the site a visit, and contact if you care to donate to their worthy cause of education and conservation.



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