Phoenix Commotion and Tiny Homes

April 12, 2017

I get the Tiny House newsletter because at one point a couple of years ago I was convinced I was going to buy me a tiny home. There is even a tiny home builder here in Omaha! (Hi, High Plains Tiny House!)


But I digress. Even though I might still buy a tiny house, right now I must continue the path I'm on -- which is a different one. But in the meantime I can drool over the small homes movement, and also point your attention to this WONDERFUL organization, Phoenix Commotion, that has as its mission not just creating affordable homes, but using recycled and salvaged materials to do so. Detailed information can be found here. Mr Dan Phillips, Mother Earth loves you!

 Resurrecting Trash. I <3 it. Image courtesy of The Phoenix Commotion.


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