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We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors;
we borrow it from our children.

The Quote Investigator contends that the above saying is of unknowable origin.

That does not make it any less true or appropriate, in my mind.

I attended my first Earth Day -- the first Earth Day, in 1970 -- when I was 14. (You are welcome to do the math.) I was naive enough to believe that everyone accepted the responsibilities those of us at that gathering did -- to help clean up and protect our only home. Little did I realize that during that very same decade, Big Oil was preventing the news about Climate Change from coming out, all for the almighty dollar.

I look at children today in despair sometimes, thinking of what we have done to This Pale Blue Dot. Then, as you will see from my blog posts, I rally my hopes that, despite the current (as of today, 4/5/2017) USA administration, there are enough of us who recognize the challenges ahead to present our children with our borrowed planet, as cleanly and pristinely as possible.

Won't you join me in this effort? Thank you for all you do to that end.



Omaha, NE, USA

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